Our “at-promise” youth are the greatest internal asset this community has. They are impressionable, visionary, curious, resilient through poverty and suffering, and teachable. And once respect is established, they are receptive to adults and positive peers.

NYC gives kids a chance to work hands-on at making their neighborhood a safer, more beautiful, and cultural place to live. The youth of NYC participate in programs such as:

* Girls’ Talk
* Boys’ Talk
* Community Beautification
* Mentoring Programs

Through these programs and others, we hope to:

* Increase the number of youth practicing safe, healthy and positive lifestyles
* Empower youth with social, educational and personal skills they can obtain right in their own neighborhood
* Engage youth in a safe and learning-oriented environment
* Energize youth with a vision of a better future.

Thanks to the Austin/Travis County Health & Human Services Department, the NYC program has touched youth and their families in Dove Springs since 1993.