Strong Women In Leadership

October 16th, 2009 by Mona

Strong female leadership has paved the way for many to follow in their footsteps. A good leader not only serves as an example, but helps uplift others to succeed to their full potential.

“River City Youth Foundation helped me be where I am today because it helped my self confidence. It showed me that we can – as Hispanics, as females – do more for our community,” said Liz Garcia, a member of the RCYF community since it’s inception in 1983.

“I had people to look up to that had college degrees. They showed me there are better things out there than just sitting down and not doing anything,” she continued. “Work with the community, work with going back to school, which I did 12 years after high school. I knew I could do it. You build your self confidence when you see other people get out of the same situation you were in.”

Liz is one of the many people RCYF has helped in its mission to serve under privileged youth in the Dove Springs neighborhood of east Austin. The agency has prospered over the last 25 years under the direction of its founder and leader, Mona Gonzalez.

Recently, city leaders and other members of the community, including Liz, thanked Mona for her contribution to the Austin community. And Mona was quick to answer back. Watch the inspiring video below:

The video was created as part of the 25th anniversary of the foundation, which celebrates youth and community building. Through those interviews, we also had a wonderful opportunity to sit down with Austin Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr, another strong female leader.

“I’m proud to call Austin my home, and I’m proud that there are organizations that do really care and take great care of the community,” she said.

Rhoda also spoke about RCYF’s positive impact by engaging the community. Click on the play button to watch the interview:

She also encouraged youth to always pursue their passions. Click on the play button to watch her interview in the video below.

To read more about Rhoda’s impact on Austin and to read an in-depth profile by Wells Dunbar of the Austin Chronicle, click here.

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